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Kitchen Garden Workshop at Infosys, Bangalore

Lalbagh Flower Show

Bhoomi Utsav


Kitchen Garden Workshop Chennai

Green Bazaar-Chennai Press Coverage

Green Bazaar Chennai Inaugural Edition Photos


Green Bazaar

World Kitchen Garden Day Celebration


Kitchen Garden Workshop, RR Nagar, Bangalore


Meet us at Oota From Your ThotaSunday 15th Jun, Whitefield, Bangalore

Green Bazar - Nature in my backyard


Save Our Rice -National Level Rice Festival


Meet us at Oota From Your Thota Sunday 16th Feb, Girinagar,Bangalore


Meet us at stall no-18@Lalbagh Flower Show 17th-26th Jan 2014, Bangalore



Meet us at Embassy Golf Links on 20th Decmber


BioFach India 2013 -Meet the Kitchen Gardeners


Meet us at Urban Krishi Mela Oct 27-28 GKVK, Bangalore

Meet us at Bhoomi Utsav - An Organic Festival at Bhoomi College , Oct 2nd

The Kitchen Gardener: ‘My kids now spend more time growing what we eat than watching TV’

From balcony gardening to farming – a family’s journey towards food freedom


From the Other Side of Silence

We are sowing rice, the native variety, which does not require much water. Would you like to join in the morning?' The invitation was exciting, because it was not from a normal village farmer, it was from an IT professional in the city of Bangalore(the so called silicon valley of India!),who would like to call himself an 'urban farmer', and who has taken a patch of land on rent, in the middle of the sprawling city. And I must add here, he is doing all kinds of crazy things on it

Innaguration of Kitchen Garden Center at Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bangalore


Meet us at Oota From Your Thota , Sunday 25th August, JP Nagar, Bangalore